Service Breakdown / Prices
Diagnostic : $50
A diagnostic is to determine the problem from the hardware/software and with any computer related issue. Diagnostic Fee is waived if additional work is requested.
Virus Removal : $90
Viruses and spyware are getting very sneaky and managing their way around many popular anti-virus scanners. This can sometimes be nerving to the owner, because of the high potential of identity theft and security breaches. My Cheap Geek can get your system back to a healthy state and remove these infections, leaving you with peace of mind.
Tune Up ( Maintenance, Optimization ): $60
This service provides a complete inspection of your computer. This includes: software updates, defragging hard drive, registry cleaning, start-up optimization, security check (anti-virus, firewall, etc.) This service will prolong the life of a computer and potentially find problems before they become bigger.
Upgrades & Repairs: $45 + parts
Sometimes systems slow down because of parts wearing out or the needs of the system are more in demand now then what it was originally designed for. Never the less, many computers are able to be upgraded to newer and faster components. This can be a memory upgrade, video card, and many other components.
Hard Drive Repair / Replacement : $150 + Parts
There are times when hard drives just quit. This is often devastating to one that doesn’t have a current backup. We can get your system back to working again with a full service turn around that includes the following. Data transfer from failing drive (if possible) to new hard drive, operating system installed, all provided and related software, on-site setup of printers, Internet, and any other attached device. This service will require the computer to be worked on off-site at office location, and returned to you promptly upon repair. In the Event the damaged drive requires Data Recovery services, We have a solution for that as well.
Data Recovery : Price Varies ( No Recovery, No Cost )
When drives/media fails, it is more often possible to recover the data, than not. We have the abilities to recover non-physically damaged hard drives, flash cards, and memory sticks (flash drives/jump drives. If the recovery is very sophisticated, other options are available. Your data will be backed up to DVD’s or if provided an external device/other computer. We can also help you decide on the best online backup or backup hard drive for your needs.
New System Setup : $90
Going to a new computer can be exciting as well as fearful for some. If you are concerned about how to move your data files safely from one computer to another such as e-mails, mp3s, pictures, documents, etc., then this service will not only transfer those data files, it will also setup your new computer and attached devices (excluding network setup)
Home Network Setup: $150
Up to 5 attached devices in homes (businesses call for on-site evaluation) we will setup your wireless network or wired, and secure it. This service is often used when a home has multiple computers and wants to share the Internet, printers, and/or other local resources. Network printers as well as Network Attached Storage will be addressed.
Laptop Hardware Repair: $90 + Parts
Repair of part in/on a laptop, including DC Jack, LCD Screen, Motherboard. Parts will be additional cost to service. This service includes 1 component. Hard Drive is excluded from this service and is covered under the hard drive replacement service.